Our job requires people who are at their best when patients are at their worst. When wounds are exposed, emotions are raw and tempers are short, these are the moments when core values become more than words on the wall. They become the actions of people living out their belief in the value of every human life. To end pain, provide comfort and deliver better solutions.

Over time, this approach has led to many innovations, from support surfaces that operate below capillary closure while increasing capillary blood flow, to negative pressure wound therapy that uses natural materials to provide better outcomes with less chemical intervention. All from one small company that's changing the fabric of wound care, one patient at a time.

Who we are.
For more than 20 years, National Wound Care has been pushing the edge from the center of the country. From our national headquarters, we provide a wide range of wound care equipment, including some of the most sophisticated support surfaces available in the industry. Since 2010, National Wound Care has developed a Negative Pressure System that improves patient outcome.