No power. No problem.
In a power outage the 3400ET remains inflated, unlike other systems that may go flat.
The best outcomes. Period.
At the heart of the 3400ET are 20 individual urethane cells that, unlike nylon, provide pressure below the capillary closing point for enhanced circulation, increased comfort and faster healing.

Foolproof connections.
All three hoses linking the bed to the main control unit feature distinct connectors, making assembly practically foolproof.
Keeping it clean.
The 3400ET's loose-fitting, low-friction cover is designed to be breathable while preventing bacterial migration. When it's time for cleaning, just unzip it from the mattress and throw it in a regular washing machine.
Low Air Loss Alternating Pressure System
Introducing the only alternating pressure mattress for the home care market that combines alternating pressure with pressure points far below capillary closure. To boost circulation, expedite healing and provide superior patient comfort.

Outcome-based thinking isn't new to us. From our first support surface we've been refining the tools we provide to help patients heal faster, in more comfort and in the shortest period of time. And now, that approach has led to a singular innovation in alternating pressure mattress design, the NWC-3400ET.

Raising the standard by changing the fabric.
When painful sores come in contact with a surface, every millimeter of pressure counts. Other APMs use nylon in their bladder designs, which consistently yields pressure above capillary closure. Only NWC combines computer-controlled air pressure with urethane cells to ensure that pressure never exceeds 28 mmHg, maintaining the blood flow necessary to promote the best skin integrity and fastest healing for patients with painful pressure sores.

Quieter. Smarter. Better.
At the heart of the 3400ET, there's an advanced control center that constantly measures the pressure in each cell. If the control center senses a pressure reading approaching capillary closure, it will automatically adjust the pressure to stay below 28 mmHg.

Easy does it.
Need a firmer mattress? No problem. With the simple, push-button control panel, it's easy to make adjustments. When you've found the right level of firmness, just push the Alternate button to start the alternating pressure sequence. Static returns the bed to a uniform pressure setting, while Auto Firm brings the bed to full pressure, making patient transfers a much simpler process.