No power. No problem.
In a power outage the 6000ET remains inflated, unlike other systems that may go flat.
Firm but flexible.
At the heart of the 6000ET are 20 individual urethane cells that, unlike nylon, provide pressure below the capillary closing point for enhanced circulation, increased comfort and faster healing.

Foolproof connections.
The unit's seven connector hoses are color-coded and built to lock into place, making connections virtually foolproof.
Keeping it clean.
The 6000ET's loose-fitting, low-friction cover is designed to be breathable while preventing bacterial migration. When it's time for cleaning, just unzip it from the mattress and throw it in a regular washing machine.
Advanced Kinetic Floatation Therapy
The NWC-6000ET is the only low-air-loss support surface in the industry that combines enhanced therapy, pressure below capillary closure and kinetic movement for better circulation, faster healing and superior patient comfort.

Relief. In four convenient variations.
Beyond the relaxing Float Mode, the 6000ET offers three advanced therapies with very specific functions. Wave Mode creates a constant, low-pressure wave from the foot of the bed to the head, encouraging blood circulation. Alternate Mode gently alternates the pressure in the cells across all six zones to provide alternating pressure therapy, while the new Percussion Mode gently varies the pressure under the chest to help prevent the build up of fluids in the lungs. And now for the first time, the intensity and duration of each therapy can be custom adjusted, allowing patients to customize their therapy to their individual needs. And, no matter which therapy mode is chosen, the patient always receives the benefits of true low air-loss through our new blower/mattress design.

Built for patients. Not engineers.
When it comes to control, we've made things simple, with an enhanced screen display that allows you to easily adjust the pressure in all six zones; head, back, seat, thigh, leg and foot. By raising the pressure in one zone and reducing it in another, patients can also create a bridge that reduces the pressure exerted on a wound.

Easy access to the options you need.
In addition to the therapeutic options, the 6000ET's intuitive, push-button control menu makes it easy for caregivers to adjust the mattress for patient care. For example, pressing the Bed Pan button quickly deflates zone four for simple insertion and removal of a bed pan, while a convenient AutoFirm button quickly creates a firm, uniform surface to simplify patient transfer. For added comfort, the Fowler button provides added pressure to the seat zone when a patient's torso is raised to a sitting position.