By combining Sorbact® with the traditional benefits of negative pressure wound therapy, you'll enjoy:
  • Better outcomes.
  • Faster healing.
  • Quicker, pain-free dressing changes.
  • Less reliance on antibiotics.
  • All-natural removal of harmful pathogens.
  • Better overall patient care.
The living proof.
This patient struggled with a non-healing wound for 12 long and painful years. From wet-to-dry to traditional negative pressure treatment, nothing seemed to work. But after just 17 days with Sorbact®, the wound was nearly healed.
In Negative Pressure Wound Therapy
Introducing the only negative pressure wound system in the country that harnesses the natural bacteria-fighting properties of Sorbact® to deliver better outcomes with less trauma for your stage III and IV wound patients.

More revolutionary than evolutionary.
For years, medical professionals have used negative pressure wound therapy to encourage the flow of blood to wounds. But at National Wound Care, we've taken that process further, incorporating a new dressing material so revolutionary that it's turning the next step in wound healing into a major leap ahead.

Chemical vs. physical.
Unlike chemically treated sponges or silver dressings that kill all the bacteria present in the wound, Sorbact® uses a natural process called hydrophobic interaction that binds only with harmful pathogens, rendering them inert. When dressings are changed, these bacteria are removed, leaving only the microorganisms that are essential for the fastest recovery.

No more antibiotics.
Fewer chemicals means lower costs and less potential for the creation of dangerous, drug-resistant bacterial strains. Not even MRSA can resist the hydrophobic properties of Sorbact®, making this small wonder a major force in solving a serious threat to public health. And because it's so effective at reducing bacterial load, Sorbact® also reduces the unpleasant odors normally associated with wounds.

Faster for you. Easier on them.
Because Sorbact® doesn't adhere to the wound, it greatly reduces the pain associated with the typical dressing change. This makes dressing changes faster and far less traumatic for the patient and their wounds. With Sorbact®, most wounds can easily be changed in five minutes or less.